About me

Welcome. My name is Dilpreet Kaur Taggar

I am an independent multimedia journalist and the founder of South Asian Today, an autonomous media outlet for and by South Asian women and non binary folks. 

Born & raised in different parts of India, my Punjabi heart is a staunch feminist. 

My work revolves around racial, gender & political affairs, Having worked/interned with ABC News, The Conversation, Al Jazeera, Australia India Institute, I have been on the journey of nurturing and growing South Asian Today since April 2020.

In 2018, I won the national Ossie award for my podcast ‘Brown & Happy’ on skin-whitening products. In 2019, my first TV show in Australia “Half Hour’ won Antenna awards for Outstanding Journalism in a Program. 

My brown female body gives me more strength each time it is attacked.

As a journalist & a storyteller, I write, speak and film. It’s never enough.

For career-related inquiries & information, visit my LinkedIn.