R for Riot

If the riot had to speak


I am you,
in rage and in fire
in anger we hold dear
in religion deemed fit to hire.

I am you
at thirteen,
craving for sex
locking doors
jerking off to regret

I am you,
a riot
in the ink you use
to abuse
I am you,
a riot
an extra
you might want to lose.

I am you
at the highest peak
of selfless love
when I stay inside you
cuddled up like a dove

I am you
yes, yes I am!
Don’t mind the headlines
so much
They don’t like me
very much

Yes, they who teach you
I am bad and ugly and
the maker of violent history.
Yes, they who teach you
I am the cause and the reason
and the excuse for
a treason

Don’t mind,
Don’t listen

I might be the riot
They forced me out of home so quiet

Out of you
Out of mine
Out on a blast or two
With haters,
told to dine.

Never mind the wine
never mind the shine
of the sword that cut
a bearded man in half
as he cried for more time!

Never mind, sir
Never mind me
a riot
an emotion
that got spilled much..
much quickly, sir
only to become
stalled session
of the Parliament, sir.