I make mistakes. And I punish myself.

A short note on loving yourself, by teaching yourself 

I make mistakes,
And I punish myself.

I do some good,
And I make sure I reward myself.

But, then again I make a mistake,
And I punish myself harder.

The idea is not to see the world. The idea is not to understand how the world sees you.

The idea is to love yourself so much, teach yourself so much, that there nothing remains that can ever shatter you.

Wear yourself like your own armor, and the erred shall resolve.

Why? Because you punished yourself long ago. Because you learnt how to love yourself longer ago

And that is all that matters.

Those eyes you see that look down upon you, those mouths which might bleed if ever spoken good of you, those hands that are stretched out to get you.. every bit of them shall disappear.

Only you will remain, your mistakes will remain, those bruises will remain and the love bites shall remain

On your body,
etched in your mind.

Love yourself before anything else, lover.
Embrace yourself before you lean for me.


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