Feminism is the new *F* word – Rant 02

If you are one of those who are really annoyed by this new category of people urging for feminism and feel like banging their heads against the wall because you have had ‘too much’, I suggest you save yourself some energy right here and press close because I might be one of the many rightful…

The tragedy of triple talaq (divorce)

An opinion piece for Polit on the injustice of a norm under Islam that gives a man the privilege to say ‘divorce’ (talaq) thrice that means the end-all and be-all of a marriage.


How funny is it that the same Red which speaks of love and heart speaks of blood and revenge too. A piece of work written in a small garden with lovely friends at a time when an idea meant the world for us – Samar Syal and Pragati Khabiya